Spectrum Signal Processing Inc. has introduced its SDR-2000 ERDP, an electronic intelligence (ELINT) rapid-prototyping and development platform that is designed to promote the rapid development of intelligence systems targeting the intercept and processing of radar signals.

This off-the-shelf, software-defined platform is designed to support the emitter detection and identification functions typical of an ELINT wideband spectral analysis platform. The system provides two receive and one transmit channel at an industry-standard data rate of 213.33 megasamples per second supporting a 160 MHz intermediate frequency with bandwidths in excess of 80 MHz.

The SDR-2000 ERDP supports specific emitter identification. Digital input/output is provided for control of RF front-ends for applications where each channel continuously "stares" at a single frequency band—or where the RF front-ends are stepped through a larger frequency band as part of a search strategy. The transmit channel can be used to calibrate and test each of the receive channels and provides a mechanism for supporting non-collocated electronic attack within the same platform. The SDR-2000 ERDP is available for order immediately.