Fujitsu Transaction Solutions Inc. has received an order from STAPLES Business Depot to equip four additional stores with AbsoluteSKY’s intelliTRACKER Product Suite in early 2008.

STAPLES’ decision follows a highly successful installation of the automated, long-range inventory tracking system by the Fujitsu/AbsoluteSKY team in May 2007 that has continued to reliably produce significant results.

“We tested the system on 1,500 SKUs in one store and we are expanding the project to additional stores,” said Joe Soares, the director of process engineering for Staples Canada and Business Depot. “The results have been so impressive that we want to validate that they can be replicated throughout the chain.”

Soares added that the intelliTRACKER system continuously delivered a 100 percent accurate read-rate and delivered a 21 percent reduction in out-of-stocks for the items that were tracked in a solid closed-loop. His team also concluded that the cost-per-use of the reusable RFID-enabled intelliTAGs over a five-year lifespan was barely eight cents.

Fujitsu and AbsoluteSKY formed their strategic relationship during 2006 to attack the ever-elusive goal of retailers of “getting the right product, to the right place, at the right time.” The feature-rich intelliTRACKER Product Suite, introduced in 2007, accurately tracks inventory to the item level in real-time while providing an extensive range of customer benefits that includes: increased inventory turns, virtual elimination of missed sales as a result of out-of-stocks and extensive control over loss prevention.

“This project has accomplished everything we set out to do,” remarked Peter Sciberras, general manager and vice president of sales, Canada, Fujitsu Transaction Solutions. “The system met all the performance markers for our customer and did so against a very compelling ROI. STAPLES commitment to expand its RFID project demonstrates the value of RFID technology for the retail industry.”

“We’ve been exceptionally fortunate to work with such an innovative retailer as STAPLES in introducing our solution and are truly excited at what lies ahead for all involved,” added John Frabasile, president and CEO of AbsoluteSKY.