Calypso Wireless Inc. has successfully completed demonstration of its C1250i dual-mode WiFi-GSM-GPRS VoIP cellular phone that runs on Intel PXA series application processor and Microsoft WinCE 5.0 with Sleipner SA, (Sleipner) an Italian-based telecommunications company.

"The demonstration conducted with Calypso C1250i WiFi-GSM-GPRS VoIP mobile phones has been truly outstanding. We believe that by working closely with Calypso, our company will be in a strong position to port our CoMob mobility software for smart phones and offer this breakthrough technology to the mobile carriers throughout Europe beginning next month. The European mobile market has base of over 342 million subscribers and is growing rapidly. Together, we will be able to help the mobile operator substantially expand their reach to this base. We are equally committed to securing orders for over 4 million Calypso C1250i WiFi-GSM-GPRS mobile phones in the next three to six months," said Bruno Motta, vice president of Marketing at Sleipner SA.

Calypso and Sleipner have signed an agreement to introduce in the Italian market a new paradigm in converging communication: true seamless mobility between GSM and WiFi. Sleipner will port on Calypso's C1250i dual-mode GSM/GPRS-WiFi mobile phone its CoMob (a seamless mobility software for smart phones) to set up a joint proposal for the main telecom operators in the Italian and European market.