Hittite Microwave Corporation has introduced a broadband GaAs MMIC SPDT switch and a GaAs MMIC voltage variable attenuator that are ideal for fiber-optic, microwave radio and military applications from dc to 20 GHz.

The HMC547LP3 is a GaAs MMIC non-reflective, SPDT switch in a low-cost, leadless QFN 3x3 mm surface-mount package. Operating from dc-20 GHz, this switch offers isolation as high as 50 dB and an insertion loss as low as 1.5 dB. The HMC547LP3 is controlled by two complementary, negative-voltage logic lines and requires no dc bias supply. High input IP3 of +48 dBm and fast switching speed of 6 nS enable this switch to be used in numerous applications. A restriction on the use of certain hazardous substance (RoHS)-compliant version of the switch is available as the HMC547LP3E.

The HMC346LC3B is an absorptive, GaAs MMIC voltage-variable attenuator (VVA) in a lead-free, RoHS-compliant 3x3 mm, leadless, surface-mount package and is rated from dc-18 GHz. With an attenuation range of up to 30 dB, this VVA remains matched to 50 Ohms at all attenuation levels, and exhibits low phase shift vs. attenuation. This on-chip reference attenuator is designed to be used with an external op-amp for applications where a single control voltage of 0 V to –3 V is desired. Samples of these wideband control devices and evaluation PC boards are available from stock and can be ordered on line.