Telkonet Inc. has formed Telkonet Energy Services (TES), a division that will focus on providing energy data, energy management and energy market participation to residential and commercial properties nationwide. The installation of the Telkonet iWire System “energizes” the electrical infrastructure of residential and commercial buildings, creating a fully responsive data network. This network is used to acquire energy information and control components of the HVAC system within the building, such as boilers, air conditioners, fans, pumps and thermostats.

The company is negotiating to provide these services to several high-profile building owners in New York City, Chicago and Miami. This division will operate within Telkonet's subsidiary, Microwave Satellite Technologies Inc. (MST) of Hawthorne, New Jersey and will use a combination of advanced data technologies to acquire and display energy use and pricing information.

“With a simple installation, building owners and managers can monitor, control and adjust energy usage and needs throughout a building using the same Telkonet iWire System that is being used to deliver high-speed Internet and VoIP services in MDU's and hotels throughout the country. Telkonet Energy Services takes advantage of the inherent benefits of the Telkonet product line in providing the solution to the increasingly important need to manage and control energy usage. Building owners, managers and residents will be able to access energy information from any electrical outlet, or even from a remote location,” said Frank Matarazzo, president of MST.

The TES includes installation of equipment that can facilitate participation in demand response programs. Also included are systems to combine information from photovoltaic systems, submetering systems that monitor electrical use in individual apartments, existing energy management systems and emergency generators.

The Telkonet iWire system also creates a local area network within the building that can be accessed remotely via web portals by building owners and managers to monitor energy use in real time, allowing them to control usage in either specific areas of buildings, throughout the building or groups of buildings. Wireless thermostats connected to the Telkonet system can also be used to remotely control space temperature set-points to reduce energy consumption or improve comfort conditions.

TES offers an easily deployed system to display real-time energy use, pricing information, and the means by which to optimize energy market participation. TES provides a user-friendly, web-based interface where energy use will be displayed according to the owners' and users' preferences.

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