Wilmington, N.C. -- As threats of terrorism against the United States continue to grow in scope and severity, law enforcement, first responders and counterterrorism professionals nationwide are flocking to AlertsUSA to receive the most accurate, breaking information on domestic terror alerts, threat warnings and other crucial homeland security information, all via their cellular telephones.

AlertsUSA, LLC specializes in the collection and delivery of terrorism-related threat and event response information via live and on-demand wireless audio streaming and SMS alerts to America's cell phone users. The AlertsUSA service leverages the existing national wireless infrastructure to provide subscribers near-instant notification of domestic terror alerts, warnings, terrorism events, changes in the national threat level, as well as weekly homeland security news summaries, official response guidance and other information crucial during a national emergency. The service also reports on critical terrorism threats and actions related to U.S. interests abroad.

AlertsUSA initially notifies subscribers via a simple text message to their cell phones, prompting users to connect to a live or on-demand audio broadcast relating to the alert. A weekly audio update is also provided, summarizing key homeland security-related information, as well as reinforcing official government messages urging vigilance and awareness for various types of threats. Information disseminated via the service is derived from close interaction with the Dept. of Homeland Security, Dept. of Justice/FBI/National Infrastructure Protection Center, Dept. of State and a number of other related federal agencies and non-governmental intelligence sources.

"Over 60% of the adult population carries at least one cellular telephone, as do most law enforcement personnel, first responders and government employees. The ability to flash 'instant situational awareness' of threat advisories, alerts and warnings to such a large segment of the population is unmatched by any other form of communication or delivery," says Steven Aukstakalnis, President of AlertsUSA.

To date, tens of thousands of law enforcement officials, first responders, government employees and members of the general public have signed up for the service, which is simple to use and requires no special cell phone programming or software downloads.

Wireless customers may sign-up for the service through AlertsUSA website (http://www.alertsusa.com) Web site for $2.99 per month, per cellular telephone. The company is strategically partnered with all major wireless carriers in order to enable delivery of the service to literally any cellular telephone, on literally any wireless network, anywhere in America.