Version 2.1 of the Red Five Labs Net60 .NET framework for Symbian is now available for download. According to the company, its WinForms user interface is much more stable than previous versions of the framework, with controls that look and feel more polished and faster. Red Five Labs also says that all of the known issues related to the user interface have been fixed. The version 2.1 user interface supports touch, so S60 fifth editions are now supported as well.

Also, Net60 is compatible with Microsoft’s .NET Compact Framework 2.0. The 30-day trial now ships with an evaluation version of the Red Five Labs Mobility Framework, which incorporates a host of application programming interfaces (APIs) in a collection of dynamic link libraries (DLLs) that make it possible to develop cross-platform solutions for both Windows Mobile and S60 using on framework. Red Five Labs additionally is shipping a sample application that demonstrates the concept using the messaging layer provided in RedFiveLabs.Mobile.Messaging.DLL.

Furthermore, the company cites major advances in the framework’s runtime, claiming improved overall performance with significant improvements in many subcomponents of the class libraries for a much more stable build. The development tool chain has been improved as well. For example, the debug build of Net60 including the Net60 Launcher now supports folder navigation and loads wait cursors and icon resource files too. And, the Genesis wizard now generates the application’s .pkg file and enables developers to edit and customize their .SIS file.

All previous evaluators of the software automatically qualify to evaluate the latest version of Net60, which is available from the Red Five Labs Web site as a 30-day trial. The company also offers an online demo, “Creating S60 applications in Visual Studio,” that walks designers through the steps in deploying their .NET binary to any S60 smart phone. And, the company is conducting a survey of the evaluator community and providing a free Net60 Pro license to the user who provides the most insightful feedback.

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