Wavion and ADC Telecommunications Inc. have announced that the two companies are cooperating to create an open architecture for municipal Wi-Fi networks. This new architecture is the outcome of the integration of ADC’s SG-1 service gateway product with Wavion’s WS410 spatially adaptive outdoor access point (AP). This unique combination is creating a powerful and open environment in which the strength of both companies is combined, offering customers a best-of-breed solution while still enabling them to seamlessly combine other vendors’ products into their networks.

“We are excited to cooperate with Wavion,” said Joseph Lehmann, a vice president of the Active Infrastructure Business Unit at ADC. “The integration of the WS410 spatially adaptive access point and the SG-1 service gateway provides service providers with an architecture that will not only give a comprehensive set of networking and subscriber management features, but also enables them to seamlessly integrate other metro Wi-Fi products in the same deployment.”

The combination of the SG-1 and WS410 creates a spectrum efficient flat layer-2 VLAN-based network that is easy to deploy and manage. The SG-1 provides the best networking features and abilities, including quality of service (QoS), application usage management per user, seamless roaming and other networking features. The WS410, with its unique and powerful digital beam-forming technology, provides the best radio in the market at less than half the deployment costs capable from other vendors.

Moreover, providers can mix APs from different vendors without any special effort. Not only does this capability avoid vendor lock-in but it also enables the use of the best products for specific environmental or user demands.

“We are proud of the smooth integration of WS410 and the SG-1,” said Benny Zilberstein, Wavion’s corporate VP of sales and marketing. “This shows that the Wavion product is not only the best in terms of its radio performance, but that its layer-2 design allows the service provider to create the best open architecture with the most advanced networking capabilities.”