AeroScout and Surecom are working together to implement a first of its kind medical alerting system for PresCare, a large Australian aged care provider. The joint solution provides an intelligent, flexible way of tracking the status of elderly residents around one of PresCare’s main residential sites in Queensland, Australia.

“Our aim was to implement a new type of nurse call system that would provide a flexible and personalized approach to meet the unique needs of residential aged-care,” said Greg Skelton, chief information officer at PresCare. “The joint solution from AeroScout and Surecom has clear benefits for nurses and residents, as it doesn’t compromise on either safety or personal freedom. This is a truly pioneering approach within the Australian healthcare market, and we’re excited by its future potential as we look to rollout to additional facilities.”

PresCare required a flexible, mobile alerting and nurse-call system that could ensure the safety of all residents at all times, while still allowing them the freedom to move around the entire facility. To meet this need, AeroScout provided its industry-leading Wi-Fi-based Active RFID tags along with its enterprise location-tracking software, MobileView. These products communicate with the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure at the facility and are linked with each staff member’s mobile handheld device as well as several flat screen monitors throughout the complex. AeroScout’s unique Exciter products add enhanced high-accuracy detection at choke points such as doorways and exits.

The AeroScout and Surecom solution is based on a set of configurable location-based ‘rules,’ which trigger alerts when transgressed. These rules could include an at-risk resident wandering within a dangerous location, lack of movement for a configurable amount of time, activation of a self-alerting button, or many others. Whenever an alert is triggered, an on-call nurse is immediately notified through a handheld device.

“We worked very closely with AeroScout and PresCare in order to deliver what we believe is a real innovation in safety and monitoring systems for aged-care facilities,” said Ash Hanna, chief executive officer, Surecom. “This joint solution provides an intelligent, time-efficient way of tracking residents’ movement and status, without the limitations of a fixed-wall alarm system. With the tags’ integrated water-resistant call button, residents can trigger their own assistance alert wherever and whenever needed, ultimately maximizing nursing resources, delivering better care and resident peace of mind.”

AeroScout’s Wi-Fi-based Active RFID tags were selected for their technical excellence and rugged nature, as well as the user-friendly look and feel. In addition, the MobileView software can be accessed through any Web-enabled device, allowing employees to perform real-time searches for residents and detailed reports on all incidents.

“This is a compelling example of the tangible value Wi-Fi-based Active RFID technology brings to the healthcare sector for patient safety and improved quality of care,” said Gabi Daniely, vice president of marketing and product strategy at AeroScout. “By harnessing the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure used in the PresCare facility, we can provide high flexibility and mobility to the nurses without high infrastructure costs.”

The solution is currently deployed at PresCare’s Mount Tamborine site, with further rollouts planned to at least another two sites. PresCare is also looking at extending the solution’s remit to include tracking of nurses and key staff.