LDMOS amplifier

California Eastern Laboratories has introduced the UPD5702TU, NEC's new LDMOS medium-power amplifier. Housed in an 8-pin 2.0 × 2.2 mm package, the UPD5702TU features recessed leads and a low 0.5 mm profile. With up to +23 dBm output power, it can serve as an output stage for low-power transmitters or, in higher power applications, as a PA driver.

Its 26 dB gain allows it to take the low-power output of a modulator and drive a PA with no additional components. Plus, with external bias access to its gates, the UPD5702TU offers complete gain control. Designed specifically for two-way radio, cordless phones, WLAN, Bluetooth, and other 1900 MHz to 2.4 GHz applications, the UPD5702TU is versatile enough to be used in lower-frequency transmitters as well.

In stock from California Eastern Laboratories, the UPD5702TU is priced at 99¢ in 10K quantities.
California Eastern Labs

Bluetooth RF module

AVX Corporation has introduced a Bluetooth RF module for Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) mobile phones. The RB06 measures 5.0 × 4.0 × 1.4mm and features low power consumption during sending and receiving of RF signals. The RB06 module incorporates the Broadcom® BCM2004 Bluetooth radio chip, providing Bluetooth support that enables wireless connectivity between CDMA mobile phones and other wireless devices, such as PCs, home electronics and automotive telematics.

Broadcom Corporation designed and developed the BCM2004 Bluetooth radio chip, specifically to interface with QUALCOMM Inc.'s Mobile Station Modem (MSM) baseband systems for third-generation (3G) CDMA devices. The RB06 Bluetooth RF module incorporates the BCM2004 Bluetooth radio chip to optimize the function of the module for QUALCOMM's MSM solutions.

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has certified the RB06 module as compliant with Bluetooth version 1.1 and 1.2. The number of components on the substrate surface is minimized by embedding a 2.4 GHz bandpass filter inside Kyocera's original high-K Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics (LTCC) substrate.

The RB06 module features improved reception sensitivity to -88dBm or below through full performance of the RF chip. This was achieved by improving the location of peripheral components around the RF chip, pattern design and routing circuits.
AVX Corporation
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Serial radio

This major innovation by Adalet will enable many new, creative approaches in Class I, Division 1 hazardous locations. Activities such as data collection, sensor monitoring, and process control, are now possible with the Adalet Wireless link.
Adalet Wireless Products
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802.11 deployment kit

TerraWave Solutions and AirMagnet have announced that the Cisco Aironet 1200 In-Building Site Survey kit is available with the optional inclusion of AirMagnet's new Surveyor software. AirMagnet® Surveyor complements the 1200 Site Survey kit by giving system engineers scientifically accurate and geographically driven wireless LAN metrics and maps needed to perform site surveys of any 802.11 a/b/g wireless network.

The kit is designed to provide system engineers with everything needed to perform professional site surveys in one, FAA-approved travel case. The addition of AirMagnet Surveyor creates a collection of crucial 802.11 site survey tools and accessories capable of handling Wi-Fi deployments in any environment including hospitality, oil and gas, manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, education, commercial and military.

Surveyor supports the Cisco Aironet 802.11 a/b/g CardBus WLAN adapter and provides one common survey tool for any 802.11 a/b/g network. Cisco does not offer one site survey utility to support all of its a/b/g client adapters. For this reason, Cisco has incorporated Surveyor into its latest version of the Cisco Aironet Wireless LAN Site Survey training needed to obtain the new Cisco Wireless LAN Specialist Certification.

Each kit contains access points, adapter cards, several antennas, cables, two site survey battery packs, mounting brackets, attenuator, measuring wheel, duct tape, zip ties, Velcro, colored tape, pens, and mounting location markers. These products are contained in a travel case with custom foam cut-outs for each item. The Surveyor software can be ordered and shipped with the 1200 Site Survey kit.

The kit is available in three main versions: Totally Loaded, Semi-Loaded or TerraWave components only.
Terra Wave
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802.11g Wi-Fi® module

Agere Systems has announced a small-form-factor 802.11g mobile Wi-Fi module specifically designed for handheld consumer devices. This embedded system-in-package (SiP) delivers 54 Mbit/s speeds while balancing exceptional range and power savings for such wireless products as personal digital assistants, media players, Smartphones, handheld video game devices, and digital cameras and camcorders.

Powered by Agere's WaveLAN chip set and software drivers, this module is being developed by Universal Scientific Industrial Co. Ltd. (USI). Measuring 20 mm × 29 mm, the SiP module delivers an extended range of up to 100 meters at 6 Mbits/s. Using Agere's WaveLAN chip set — which includes an RF transceiver, media access controller, baseband processor and power amplifier — the SiP module delivers output power of 14 dBm at 54 Mbits/s operation and 16 dBm at 12 Mbits/s.

This module offers a new “deep sleep connected” mode that enables a device to idle at low operating power while retaining an active association to its access point. This standby power mode — the state most often in use by wireless devices — operates at 1.5 milliamps for the entire module, representing the industry benchmark achieved for low power consumption in 802.11b and g solutions.

In addition, the module is compliant with the draft IEEE 802.11e specification to meet the quality-of-service requirements for applications including voice over wireless LAN and streaming media. The solution will also support the new 802.11i security standard.

The mini-module is sampling to customers, and is expected to begin volume production in third calendar quarter 2004. Agere's WaveLAN chip set can also support 802.11a/b/g SiP solutions for devices that would benefit from the increased capacity and seamless connectivity afforded by multimode wireless networking.
Agere Systems
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The AIN 2.4GHz 802.11b RF module is an integrated RF module designed for 2.4GHz wireless LAN (WLAN) applications. It includes circuitry required to implement an 802.11b RF-to-baseband transceiver solution including the transceiver with direct conversion radio architecture, linear power amplifier, transmit/receive switch and AIN's Integrated Passive Device.

The transceiver combines a receiver, transmitter and LO generation. The receiver consists of a low-noise amplifier, downconversion mixers, fully integrated channel filters, and an Automatic Gain Control with an on-chip closed loop. The transmitter contains power ramping, filters, upconversion, and pre-drivers. The LO generation is formed by an on-chip VCO and a fractional-N synthesizer.

Typical system performance parameters for the receiver are 93 dB gain, 7.5 dB noise figure, input-referred third-order intercept point (IIP3) of +1 dBm, AGC settling time of 8 µs, and Tx-to-Rx switching time of 3 µs. The transmitter typical system performance parameters are an output power range from -7 dBm to +8 dBm in 1 dB steps, -40 dBc carrier leakage after calibration, 22 dB sideband suppression, in-band common mode rejection of 30 dB, and Rx-to-Tx switching time of 3 µs. The linear power amplifier designed for WLAN application in the 2.4 GHz band is a Si power amplifier with integrated matching and power level detector.

802.11g WLAN controller

VIA Networking Technologies Inc. has announced the VIA Networking VT6655 WLAN Controller, a single-chip solution featuring an IEEE 802.11g media access controller and integrated baseband processor. Enabling data rates between wireless devices of up to 54Mbps, WLAN modules based on the VIA Networking VT6655 can deliver the bandwidth necessary for real-time streaming of high-definition digital multimedia content in home networks, and provide high-speed e-mail, web and LAN access to multiple mobile users in corporate environments or public hotspots.

The VIA Networking VT6655 ensures data security through the Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) specification. The forthcoming WPA 2.0 specification is also supported, which will be enabled through a downloadable software update. The VIA Networking VT6655 is Wi-Fi certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance (formerly WECA), the global organization that oversees the Wi-Fi interoperability certification program.

Additional features of the VIA Networking VT6655 include a Customizable Hot Key function, which enables users to instantly turn off the WLAN connection via a designated key, and a Power Amplifier Power Detector. The PA Power Detector monitors and optimizes power usage to ensure stable transmission power, which is particularly beneficial to thin and light notebooks with challenging thermal environments.

VIA Networking also offers WLAN software programming support to WLAN module vendors, helping enable fast time to market for customers.
Via Technologies Inc.


MAC and baseband processor

The TNETW1250 is a single-chip 802.11 wireless local area networking media access controller and baseband processor designed for cellular handsets and other devices with cellular capabilities, such as wireless personal digital assistants.

The TNETW1250 features cell phone clocking frequencies instead of WLAN clocks, eliminating the noise and complexity of a distinct clocking subsystem for a WLAN subsystem, and eventually, streamlining the certification process. The TNETW1250 uses SPI, SDIO and TI's VLYNQ interfaces that allow full-rate throughput of 802.11a/g. TI has also added on-chip power management to the TNETW1250.

In addition, the 802.11 radio frequency front-end (RFFE) device, which complements the TNETW1250, the TNETW3422M, draws on TI's third generation of WLAN RF technology. The TNETW3422M is based on a low-power, low chip-count direct conversion single-chip 2.4- GHz RF transceiver and power amplifier that removes intermediate frequency noise.
Texas Instruments
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