Fixed and mobile wireless data solutions provider AirLink Communications, Inc. and Mobile Electron, LLC, a wireless systems integrator specializing in the machine-to-machine (M2M) space, have deployed a wireless remote monitoring solution to Norse Pipeline. The gas gathering system selected AirLink's intelligent rugged wireless modems as part of a complete solution providing real-time data connectivity to its extensive pipeline spanning 320 miles across New York and Pennsylvania. AirLink authorized dealer, Mobile Electron, provided turnkey integration and consulting services, helping Norse Pipeline from product selection to solution implementation and testing.

Norse Pipeline needed a wireless solution to provide real-time information to remotely monitor and manage its pipeline meters. The company had previously employed field technicians to manually check pressure, load, temperature and consumption data by visiting remote terminals and reporting their findings using written charts. Often it would take more than a month to retrieve and analyze data obtained by a field technician. With the switch to an AirLink wireless solution, Norse Pipeline has realized an immediate and significant improvement in operational efficiency and time-savings.

"The 24/7 information that we can access with our wireless system is invaluable," stated Larry Swanson, operations manager at Norse Pipeline. "Not only can we easily monitor and manage our pipeline at all meter locations, we can also provide critical real-time data to our gas suppliers, as well, which adds tremendous value for them. AirLink and Mobile Electron have been excellent partners, helping us through every step of the wireless technology adoption, with the end result of making our company more efficient and better equipped to meet the needs of our customers."

Working closely with Norse Pipeline to understand its business objectives, Mobile Electron recommended a wireless solution comprising AirLink's Raven rugged wireless modems, featuring AirLink embedded operating system (ALEOS) intelligent software, deployed on Verizon Wireless' CDMA networks. The integrator also provided the technical and logistical expertise to select, source, deploy and test upgraded utility meter hardware and communications software to round out the solution.

"We are very proud to have an experienced partner like Mobile Electron to help us successfully deliver compelling M2M solutions for our enterprise customers," remarked Justin Schmid, senior vice president of corporate and business development at AirLink Communications. "AirLink is currently working with many of our legacy customers to facilitate technology migrations from older wireless networks to the faster next-generation networks, as well as to introduce new customers to the tangible benefits of pervasive wireless connectivity."