The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced that it will take steps to remove barriers to the flexible use of 40 MHz of additional spectrum currently assigned to the Mobile Satellite Service in the 2-GHz band. This proposal would carry out a recommendation in the National Broadband Plan that the FCC enable the provision of standalone terrestrial services in this spectrum.

The proposed rules are designed to provide for the flexible use of this spectrum to encourage innovation and investment in mobile broadband and to provide a stable regulatory environment where broadband deployment can develop in the 2-GHz band, the FCC says. The notice directly follows last year’s “2 GHz Band Co-Allocation Order” in which the FCC laid the predicate for full terrestrial use of this band.

In the Notice of Inquiry (FCC 12-32), the FCC seeks comment on potential ways to free up additional valuable spectrum to address the increased demand for mobile broadband spectrum.

Federal Communications Commission