WiMAX may be a hot technology, but you don’t have to feel left behind. The WiMAX Forum has expanded its Certified Training program to include a new training partner and increased course offerings. Many of the new courses will debut at the 2009 WiMAX Forum Congress Series. The schedule is now available online, with sessions planned in Asia, North America, the Middle East, Europe, and South America.

The four-day WiMAX Forum Network Associate Boot Camp leads WiMAX engineers and technicians through a series of installation, configuration, and field-test exercises. Breaking it down, it features 70% hands-on lab activity and 30% tutorial content. The practical sessions will use a vendor-neutral WiMAX lab maintained by DoceoTech with Aperto and Telsima basestations, fixed subscriber stations, and Anritsu multifunction field-test sets. Students also will complete a mobile WiMAX drive-test exercise using 802.16e drive test data and the WirelessLogix 802.16e drive test software tool.

AT4 wireless will partner with the WiMAX Forum to create a series of certification courses. The WiMAX Certification Process Overview course will ensure that the complexities of the certification process are more clearly understood through an in-depth examination of the Certification Program Reference Manual as well as WiMAX Forum Certification project management, certification requirements, test specifications documents, and certification testing.

Informa Telecoms Academy will offer WiMAX Forum Certified Training Courses alongside December’s WiMAX Forum Congress Latin America. For example, the two-day WiMAX Explained course will introduce technical and non-technical aspects of WiMAX to illustrate how it fits into the future of broadband wireless access (BWA) communications. The sessions also will include the four-day WiMAX Forum RF Network Engineer Certification Boot Camp, which will prepare attendees to take the WiMAX Forum RF Network Engineer certification exam.

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