FCI, a supplier of connectors and interconnect systems, has developed backplane signal connectors and power module input connectors that are fully compliant with the MicroTCA (μTCA) specification issued by PICMG.

The backplane connector line includes a press-fit, vertical card edge connector that provides 170 contacts on 0.75 mm pitch and enables AdvancedMC (AMC) cards to be plugged directly to a backplane, accommodating speeds up to 10Gbps. According to FCI, it can also provide a surface-mount version, which utilizes an optimized PCB footprint and will support differential signals at data rates up to 12.5 Gbps. Both versions of the connector are compatible with the PCB connector footprints defined in the MicroTCA (µTCA)specification, said FCI. Users can choose the termination option that best suits their system design and manufacturing preferences, the manufacturer said.

Additionally, the supplier has also launched an innovative D-Subminiature connector range to enable DC input connections to the power modules used in µTCA shelves. Based on FCI’s proven D-Subminiature connector designs, connector options are available to handle 48 V, 24 V or 12 V DC. The shielded connectors are designed to fit the power module faceplate on the front side of a power module made in accordance with the µTCA specification.

To support customers who are interested in designing their systems according to the MicroTCA standard, FCI now offers the MicroTCA designer kit. Each kit includes samples of the press-fit and surface-mount vertical card-edge connectors and the D-Subminiature 7W2 input connector to enable –48 V input connections to power modules.