SMART Modular Technologies, Inc., announces its new Bluetooth 1.1 compliant RS-232 adapter for the industrial, medical, and scientific markets. This RS-232 adapter features an onboard antenna, an embedded configuration utility, and an embedded Bluetooth communications stack complete with the Bluetooth Serial Port Profile. When used in combination with other Bluetooth-enabled products (that either have built-in Bluetooth capability or are also equipped with adapters), the SMART Bluetooth RS-232 adapter replaces traditional serial cables in products such as laptop computers, industrial data collection systems, and medical monitoring equipment. Offering convenience and maintenance advantages, this adapter eliminates the need for cable installation and repairs.

"Environments caught in the web of cables--such as hospitals, laboratories, and manufacturing facilities--can now quickly, easily, and cost-effectively move to wireless communications using existing equipment," said Robert Ragusano, general manager and vice president of SMART's Communication Products Division. "With SMART's RS-232 Bluetooth adapter, you can improve communications and portability across a 30 m area in a facility, while saving time and costs associated with cable networks."

The new SMART RS-232 adapter automatically detects a power source, allowing it to use either power (via pin 9) or an external power source. It features maximum data transfer rates up to 200 Kbps and supports Class 2 (+2 dBm typical transmit power with a maximum range of 30 m). Power consumption is specified at less than 150 mA maximum during continuous operation, with 100 to 120 mA typical. During sleep mode, power consumption drops to below 1 mA.