Extending its line of wireless combination chips, Broadcom Corp. has introduced the BCM2049, which incorporates a complete Bluetooth Version 2.1 + EDR baseband, radio, and software along with a high-performance FM stereo radio receiver. The next-generation host controller interface for mobile devices is built on a 65-nm process that saves power and space.

The chip adds FM transmit capabilities, enhanced voice and stereo audio processing, and embedded software functionality to mobile devices. The BCM2049’s SmartAudio voice processing and Bluetooth radio enhancements improve voice quality and the range of mono-headset connections. Integrating the FM transmitter in the chip eliminates the need for external adapters and allows audio streaming to automobile and home stereo FM receivers. The embedded audio processing Bluetooth stack software enables the BCM2049 to support capabilities on lower-tier handsets that otherwise would not have the required processing power to execute them effectively.

Receiver sensitivity is 3 dB better than previous Broadcom products. The chip provides enhanced station information through intelligent Radio Data Service and Radio Broadcast Data Service processing. It tunes and searches the worldwide FM bands from 65 to 108 MHz. The chip’s FM transmitter supports programmable output power and features a sophisticated algorithm that recommends the best transmit frequency for users to broadcast to their car radio or home FM receiver. The FM transceiver portion of the BCM2049 supports both small form-factor FM antennas that can be integrated within the handset and traditional external headset wires.

The BCM2049 is sampling now to early-access customers. Pricing is available on request.

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