For portable applications where power efficiency is ever a concern, the single-channel 14-bit MAX5214 and 16-bit MAX5216 digital-to-analog converters (DACs) from Maxim Integrated Products specify a power consumption of less than 80 μA. Their power consumption can be reduced further by writing the power-down sequence into the device registers. Additionally, on power-up, the devices reset their output to zero. Offering what Maxim calls best in class for accuracy and precision, the MAX5214 and MAX5216 provide ±0.25 least significant bit (LSB) and ±1 LSB of integral nonlinearity, respectively. Other shared features include a buffer that reduces the number of external components necessary for system design and an operating temperature range from –40°C to 105°C. Available in eight-pin μMAX packages, pricing starts at $3.89 each in quantities of 1000. A datasheet for both devices is available at

Maxim Integrated Products