Skyworks Solutions targets smart-phone camera platforms with its AAT1274 1.5-A high-current boost converter for LED-based photo flashers. Promising extended battery life, it maintains output current regulation by switching the internal high-side and low-side switch transistors at a fixed, pulse-width modulated 2 MHz. High switching frequency supports the use of small external inductors and output capacitors, an advantage for single-cell, lithium-ion (Li-ion) powered designs. Maximum flash/movie-mode current is set via an external resistor where the ratio of flash to movie-mode current is set at about 7:3:1. A thermal management system provides output short-circuit protection. Also, Skyworks’ patented Advanced Simple Serial Control digital interface enables, disables, configures, and programs device operation. The AAT1274 is available in a TDFN33-14 package. To peruse a datasheet for the AAT1274, go to

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