Elcom's IBS-18 series synthesizers are based on indirect PLL design technology with internal DDS for fine resolution. This series is suited for ATE as well as radar and EW system applications where broadband coverage, low phase noise, fast switching speeds and reliability are of primary importance. Elcom's VCO/PLL design approach realizes much faster switching speeds, superior microphonic performance and lower power consumption than traditional YIG-based designs. This unique design architecture allows for switching speeds of 125 microseconds combined with low phase noise levels.

The IBS-18 series can be customized to meet special applications such as EW threat and target simulators, surveillance, radar, antenna measurements, SIGINT, COMENT, ELINT and Flight Line ATE. Its output frequency (other bands optional) is specified at 0.05 - 18 GHz (0.01 to 6 GHz optional) with frequency resolution of 2 Hz. The switching speed is 125 usec. Likewise, the synthesizer's spurious and harmonics are given at -70 dBc and -55 dBc, respectively. The subharmonics are at -80 dBc. The unit's output power is rated at 12 dBm +/- 2 dBm. In addition, SSB phase noise (dBc/Hz, CW mode) performance is excellent.