The HiveGo CSS line of products offer a completely integrated hardware and software subsystem for SoC manufacturers targeting a variety of consumer devices, particularly camera phones. The products, which are being introduced this week at Photokina in Cologne, Germany, in the form of licensable intellectual property, are the result of a partnership between Silicon Hive of the Netherlands and Acutelogic of Japan.

The first three products include the HiveGo CSS 3016J, HiveGo CSS 3012J, and HiveGo CSS 3108J. They address different image quality, image processing, and camera control applications found in high and mid-range markets. The HiveGo CSS 3108J targets higher-volume smart phones. The HiveGo CSS 3016J is aimed at DSC, DVC, and UMPC cameras. The HiveGo CSS 3012J suits the high-quality imaging demands of MIDs. The HiveGo CSS 3016J has already been licensed to a lead customer this past summer.

Software technology from Acutelogic complements the camera subsystem hardware from Silicon Hive. The package includes image signal processing technology and 3A technology (auto white balance, auto exposure, and auto focus) that provide all the software needed by SoC manufacturers seeking to integrate a flexible and programmable digital camera system in their chips.

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