MCCI Corp. has begun delivering RmNet PC host drivers to mobile phone vendors. RmNet is a proprietary USB virtual Ethernet framework developed by Qualcomm for its mobile phone platforms. MCCI also announced the availability of software that allows wireless devices to seamlessly transfer calls and Internet activity between a 3G cellular network and a WiMAX network.

RmNet improves throughput via the Thin Layer Protocol and allows for Quality of Service flow control, which is needed for a quality end-user experience in today’s mobile networks. Mobile network operators are increasingly requiring handset manufactures to support faster data rates that improve ease of use for their customers. RmNet addresses this need because Windows sees the phone or data card just as it would an Ethernet cable plugged into a wall socket. The customer no longer has to worry about dial-in numbers and cryptic modem settings.

The new software is a “handover driver,” which transfers the voice call or Internet data flow from, for example, the CDMA radio to the WiMAX radio within a mobile phone. This means that users of handsets that support both a cellular technology and WiMAX can take advantage of the highest available data rates. The handover is done reliably by measuring and comparing the signals from each radio and choosing the best available network. The transfer is also transparent to the end user.

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