Maxim Integrated Products’ TINI family of mixed-signal systems-on-a-chip (SoCs) and codecs free up board space for differentiating features in smart phones, tablet PCs, smart TVs, and home-monitoring cameras. Initial products in the portfolio include the MAX11871 touchscreen controller, MAX64180 Remote Cam SoC, and MAX98089 and MAX98095 audio codecs. TheMAX11871 integrates the industry’s highest signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) capacitive touch analog front end with full back-end processing on Maxim’s MAXQ CPU with custom DSP co-processor, according to the company. The MAX64180 Cam SoC provides a complete audio/video subsystem with H.264 compression, ARM processor, and peripherals for home-monitoring Internet protocol (IP) cameras. It allows designers to embed the video camera directly inside a TV bezel. The MAX98089 and MAX98095 audio codecs combine multiple audio blocks with the company's proprietary FlexSound processor. Datasheets are available for the MAX11871, MAX64180, MAX98089, and MAX98095 at,,, and, respectively.

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