Advanced Linear Devices Inc. (ALD) has announced complementary MOSFET arrays consisting of dual N-channel and dual P-channel matched pairs designed for precision signal switching and amplifying applications that require high current gain in a broad range of analog designs. The ALD 1105 is manufactured with the company's enhanced ACMOS silicon gate CMOS process. The device consists of an ALD1116 N-channel MOSFET pair and an ALD1117 P-channel MOSFET pair in a single package and is a low drain current, low leakage version of the ALD1103 matched pairs. The transistor pairs offer high input impedance of 1013&#937, a negative current temperature coefficient of (IDS) and is matched for minimum offset voltage and differential thermal response. In applications ranging from +1 V to +12 V systems, the ALD1105 is aimed at applications where low input bias, low input capacitance and fast switching speed are desired.

This device is designed for precision applications that require very high current gain, beta, such as current mirrors and current sources. When configured in complementary pairs, a dual CMOS analog switch can be constructed. The ALD1105 is designed as a building block for differential amplifier input stages, transmission gates and multiplexer applications.

The high input impedance and the high dc current gain of this MOSFET matched pair result in low current loss through the control gate. The dc current gain of 109 is limited by the gate input leakage current, which is specified at 30 pA at room temperature.

The ALD1105 dual N-channel and P-channel matched pair MOSFETs is available now in 14-lead PDIP or SOIC packages and has a low-threshold voltage of 0.7 V for both N-channel and P-channel MOSFETs. Pricing starts at $1.00 in quantities of 1000 pieces.