Power amplifiers (PAs) have become one of the key components in modern mobile designs. With handsets and basestations needing to cover multiple bands for Long-Term Evolution (LTE) service as well as older 2G and 3G technologies, the number of PAs has increased, making PA cost, space, and efficiency of paramount concern.

The Anadigics ALT6181 multimode-multiband PA (MMPA) is a single-module solution for quad-band GSM/EDGE and dual-band WCDMA/LTE mobile applications (see the figure). Its combination of efficiency, performance, and integration helps extend battery life and reduce RF space requirements in handsets, smart phones, tablets, netbooks, and notebooks.

The MMPA is optimized to deliver superior performance under LTE, WCDMA, and CDMA signal modulations for bands 1, 5, 6, 18, 19, and 26. Efficiency, current consumption, and linearity specifications have been enhanced for all modulations, while ensuring that critical harmonic, noise, and intermodulation performance results in enhanced phone level performance.

The ALT6181 MMPA solution uses the company’s exclusive InGaP-Plus technology and HELP (High Efficiency at Low Power) architecture to achieve optimal efficiency across low-range and mid-range output power levels without the use of a dc-dc converter. When paired with a dc-dc convertor, the MMPA can deliver additional performance benefits.

The compact 5- by 7.5-mm MMPA features an integrated voltage regulator and separate single-ended RF chains. The inclusion of high-directivity couplers also ensures optimum system performance. High efficiencies at all power levels characterize the MMPA’s GSM performance, while the EDGE performance meets all stringent modulation mask requirements under all conditions.

Also, the Anadigics AWB7128 and AWB7228 wireless infrastructure PAs target E-UTRA Band 7 WCDMA and LTE applications. These devices are part of the company’s small-cell wireless infrastructure PA family. They’re designed to deliver an optimized combination of high output power, efficiency, and linearity. They’re designed for the rapidly growing class of WCDMA, HSPA, and LTE small-cell basestations operating in the 2620-MHz to 2690-MHz frequency band, including picocells, enterprise-class femtocells, and high-performance customer premises equipment (CPE).

The AWB7128 provides +24.5-dBm linear output power, and the AWB7228 delivers +27-dBm linear output power. These PAs also use the company’s exclusive InGaP-Plus technology to achieve the best possible efficiency and linearity at these output power levels. This enables small-cell wireless infrastructure solutions that are more thermally efficient, consume less power, and provide greater range.

Also, the AWB7128 and AWB7228 boast performance optimized for ½-W (AWB7228) and ¼-W (AWB7128) linear power applications, as well as exceptional linearity of –47-dBc adjacent channel power ratio (ACPR) at ±10-MHz offset (10-MHz channel bandwidth). They provide best-in-class power-added efficiency (PAE) at rated output power and excellent thermal performance with low transistor junction temperature, in addition to matching optimized for output power, efficiency, and linearity in a 50-Ω system. And, they come in a compact 7- by 7- by 1.3-mm surface-mount package.

Engineering samples of the ALT6181 are available now. Engineering samples of the AWB7128 and AWB7228 are also available for qualified programs.

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