Promising the utmost in phase noise performance, the ADF4151 and ADF4196 phase-locked loop (PLL) synthesizers from Analog Devices target designs such as basestations, pulse, and Doppler radar. With a bandwidth of 3.5 GHz, the ADF4151 supports a fractional-N or integer-N PLL synthesizer. It integrates a digital phase frequency detector (PFD), charge pump, and a programmable reference divider. The ADF4196 is a fast-settling, 6-GHz fractional-N PLL meeting GSM/EDGE lock time requirements. Partnering with an external loop filter and voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO), the device achieves lock times of less than 5 μs. It also packs a digital PFD and a precision differential charge pump. Available now in a 32-LFCSP, the ADF4151 costs $2.43 each/10,000. Datasheets for the ADF4151 and ADF4196, respectively, are available at and

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