Developed by Neonode and Texas Instruments (TI), the NN1001 is the world’s first ultra-low-power, single-chip optical touch controller, according to the companies. It’s specifically designed to reduce bill of materials (BOM) costs, increase performance, and add functionality for optical touch controller customers in a variety of end markets including smart phones, tablets, e-books, and automotive. TI’s analog signal chain, power-management technologies, and integration capabilities enable the ultra-low power and low noise in an integrated single-chip solution.

The NN1001 has a high scanning speed of 1000 Hz (latency down to 1 ms) and consumes less than 1 mW at 100 Hz, which, the companies claim, has the potential to outperform most touch solutions on the current market. It tracks any high-seed multi-touch gesture with any object (finger, gloved finger, and passive pens). Also, it connects to any microcontroller or application processor with a high-speed serial peripheral interface (SPI) and works in single or multiple configurations to support screen sizes up to 20 in.

Furthermore, the controller supports advanced power-management functions for low-power mobile devices and implements Neonode’s AlwaysON technology, where the touch can be active to detect gestures and touches, even when the device application processor is in sleep or off mode.

The NN1001 will be presented during the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this month and is expected to be in mass production by the second quarter of 2012.

Neonode Incorporated

Texas Instruments