D2 Technologies now offers a downloadable version of its mCUE 4G IMS software client for Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and RCS/joyn. The company also has commercialized its vPort 4G+ mCUE 4G VoLTE engine module for integration directly in LTE modem ICs. These technologies are designed to give operators, OEMs, and IC vendors more options to speed deployment and optimize the performance of Rich Communication Suite (RCS) and VoLTE services.

With the downloadable mCUE 4G client, operators can easily and efficiently launch IMS services to their installed base of customers, according to D2 Technologies. It includes many of the features of the original native/embedded version, such as real-time IP voice and video communications, SMS over IP, and RCS-e/joyn capabilities. It also enables operators to offer legacy voice and SMS services over Wi-Fi or 3G/4G mobile data connections and add rich IP communications services such as IM, file/media share, video call/share, and capabilities exchange.

Commercialized as a separate software module, the vPort 4G+ IMS stack and VoLTE engine can be integrated directly into LTE modem ICs for superior voice quality, battery life, and system performance, D2 Technologies says. The module also offers an advanced application programming interface (API) for RCS services that allows third-party RCS applications to leverage the modem-resident IMS stack and registration, avoiding complex and redundant integration issues.

D2 Technologies