The PureWave Constellation family of LTE small-cell basestations delivers high-capacity wireless data service to as many as 256 simultaneous users. They use Gore Protective Vents for reliable performance in fluctuating operating environments. Also, they’re designed to blend into any environment and simplify the urban permitting process. They can be installed on walls, streetlights, or utility poles without any additional shelter.

Able to withstand extreme temperature and weather conditions anywhere in the world, the Constellation meets the IEC standard for full immersion (IP67) required by military and oil/gas applications. Its cast aluminum housing includes a closed cell gasket and 11 perimeter screws for a solid seal. As heat builds up and causes internal pressure differentials of as much as ±3 psi, the Protective Vent equalizes pressure.

In addition to eliminating vacuum and preventing premature seal failure, the vents provide a durable barrier against water, dust, dirt, and other contaminants with ratings that meet ingress protection up to IP67. The Protective Vents are engineered with a screw-in, snap-fit, or press-fit construction that’s designed to be integrated easily into any housing design. PureWave chose an adhesive vent because it was easy to install on the flexible aluminum housing.