VirtualLogix Inc. will showcase the latest version of its virtualization software for mobile handsets, VLX MH4.0, at next week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The updated version of the software adds increased functionality for mobile silicon vendors and OEMs to more quickly and easily design smart-phone functionality into lower-cost, single-core, ARM-based consumer phones, the company says.

VLX’s virtualization technology enables multiple operating systems and application software solutions to co-exist and function seamlessly in a real-time environment, VirtualLogix says. By creating operating-system and hardware platform independence, as well as enhanced device security and improved performance for multimedia and gaming applications, VLX is a key enabler of the latest ARM-based consumer devices, according to the company.

“With this newest generation of VLX for ARM, VirtualLogix has increased the ability for developers to quickly adapt the latest generation of mobile silicon platforms and accelerate production of consumer mobile products with differentiation, advanced functionality, and lower costs,” said Glenda Dorchak, vice chair and CEO of VirtualLogix. “VLX solves fundamental challenges by allowing reuse of proven wireless software with the latest high-level operating systems, thus reducing overall development issues and costs by lessening requirements for retesting and recertification.”

VLX MH4.0 includes a fully virtualized version of the Android operating system, which isolates the operating system from the mobile handset’s peripheral devices and multimedia accelerators and codecs. Removing direct hardware dependencies in the virtualized Android for VLX make it easier and faster to integrate on hardware platforms and to upgrade to new release of Android by removing the burden of re-integrating all of the hardware differentiators that are built into mobile handset platforms. This latest version of VLX also supports all ARM processors and proprietary real-time operating systems that can be used in conjunction with the Android application environment.

VirtualLogix Inc.