Maxim Integrated Products’ MAX2837 single-chip WiMAX RF transceiver uses a zero-IF architecture and integrates a digitally controlled crystal oscillator, eliminating a SAW filter and extra VCO circuitry (these additional elements are needed by existing superheterodyne solutions). As a result, the MAX2837 significantly reduces component count and board space.

Specifically designed for OFDM-based non-line-of-sight wireless broadband radio systems that operate in the 2.3 GHz to 2.7 GHz band, the MAX2837 is suitable for 802.16d/e fixed and mobile WiMAX, dual-mode WiMAX/Wi-Fi, Korean WiBro, and future 4G LTE systems.

Using a SiGe BiCMOS process, the MAX2837 features a 2.3 dB receiver noise figure, -11 dBm input IP3, -40 dBc integrated VCO phase noise, and 250 mW power consumption. Receiver EVM is better than –35 dB, and sideband suppression is greater than 45 dB. On the transmitter, the device delivers 0 dBm linear output with 64-QAM signal, greater than 45 dB sideband suppression, and better than –36 dB EVM while meeting a –70 dBr spectral mask. The high linearity of the transmitter output allows this transceiver to be used in WiMAX micro or pico base stations, in addition to subscriber CPE or PC card devices. Pricing starts at $8.38 for 1000 pieces