Three free applications from Tektronix enable users to remotely control or monitor their oscilloscopes or view and analyze waveforms, all with their Android smart phones. Oscillo Connect, Oscillo Analyzer, and Oscillo Triggevent all are available now on the Google Play store.

Once paired to an oscilloscope through the Web, Oscillo Connect can be used to remotely monitor waveforms and measurements from a smart phone. Channels and measurements can be individually specified along with controls such as Run/Stop and Single. Waveform position and scaling can be performed locally on the smart phone as well. It’s available at

With the Oscillo Analyzer, users can view Tektronix-supported .CSV waveform files and run measurements on the loaded waveform. Once the .CSV files are loaded on an Android device’s memory card, the waveforms can be viewed at the user’s convenience using scroll and zoom functions. The maximum supported record length is 100k. The app can be downloaded at

Engineers running tests that take a long time no longer need to wait or periodically check on their status on their oscilloscopes. Instead, Oscillo Triggevent notifies Android devices of predefined events such as fault conditions or measurements that exceed bounds The app can be downloaded at