The Azimuth Systems Device Automation & Control (DAC) system enables the unattended execution of user experience testing on smart phones and other mobile devices. It’s designed to provide a common tool set and methodology across test environments, addressing the requirements of both lab-based and field-based test organizations.

The DAC system automates the operation, results capture, and reporting of the device functions that are most important to operators, OEMs, chipset manufacturers, and other mobile ecosystem partners. Features include the automation of voice calls, messaging, data, and video streaming, as well as the control of test bed elements, including diagnostic monitors, network emulators, analysis, and reporting.

Also, the DAC system integrates with Azimuth’s Test Builder automation suite for drag-and-drop creation of test plans to fit customer requirements. Furthermore, it integrates with all Azimuth products and solutions, including the Director II Test Executive and Test Builder Automation Suite, the ACE MX and MX2 MIMO channel emlators, the Azimuth Field-to-Lab solution, and more.

DAC for Android is available now. Support for other major operating-system platforms will be available in the first half of 2013.