Azimuth Systems has announced that Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) has chosen the Azimuth Field-to-Lab solution to perform benchmark testing for upcoming user equipment (UE) and Long-Term Evolution (LTE) eNodeB releases using drive test data collected from real-world locations of interest. Azimuth claims that the Field-to-Lab solution will provide the ability to accurately reproduce the same channel conditions observed during drive testing, in the lab, with the addition of fading and noise, and will offer a highly repeatable and reliable test methodology that will enable NSN to ensure that LTE equipment will perform with the high quality expected when deployed.

“We performed a detailed evaluation of potential testing solutions and the Azimuth Field-to-Lab solution was the only one available that met all of our testing goals in terms of capabilities,” said Frank Weyerich, head of LTE E2E development at Nokia Siemens Networks. “NSN has come to rely on Azimuth’s easy-to-setup and use, bi-directional ACE MX wireless channel emulator for MIMO testing and the addition of the Field-to-Lab capabilities provide NSN with a market-leading, highly reliable solution for accurate verification of equipment performance.”

By allowing real-world RF conditions collected by drive test tools/scanners to be replayed in the laboratory through the Azimuth ACE MX MIMO channel emulator, the Azimuth Field-to-Lab solution bridges the gap between laboratory and field-measured test results. By utilizing actual channel conditions, test engineers can validate or benchmark mobile equipment performance and/or recreate network trouble spots/conditions for analysis and resolution.

It is also the first in the industry that allows users to automate the entire testbed, with an automation architecture that facilitates sharing of automation modules not only within individual companies, but also across ecosystems to drive consistency in the way things are tested while providing more reliable and repeatable results. According to Azimuth, these capabilities enable the entire mobile ecosystem, including operators, handset manufacturers, and infrastructure vendors to troubleshoot, improve, and optimize performance prior to and post deployment.

Azimuth Systems

Nokia Siemens Networks

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