Promising seamless testing and analysis from the physical layer (PHY) to link layer and back, Tektronix unveils a mobile high-definition link (MHL) compliance test solution for its DPO/DSA/MSO70000 series oscilloscopes. Option MHD, based on MHL compliance test specification 1.1, automates a comprehensive battery of MHL compliance tests while MHL Protocol Analyzer software leverages the same real-time scope for PHY testing. For MHL receiver and adapter tests, a simple setup includes all impairments adding to the MHL signals using the direct synthesis-based capabilities of the AWG7000 series arbitrary waveform generators. Tektronix also offers an MHL cable test option for use with the DSA8300 series sampling scope. The MHL compliance test solution including Oscilloscope Opt MHD and the MHL Protocol analyzer software (TEK-PGY-MHL-PA-SW) are available now.