Azimuth Systems extends its popular Azimuth Field-to-Lab wireless test app to version 2.4 with support for complex test cases and new scanners and file formats like TD-SCDMA with QXDM and JDSU, UMTS with Anite Nemo, plus native support for LTE with XCAL. The update also adds higher mapper intelligence. Azimuth Field-to-Lab efficiently emulates real-world test conditions using dynamic channel conditions from drive testing and replaying this data in Azimuth’s ACE MX/MX2 MIMO Channel Emulator. It employs ACE MX or ACE MX2 to replicate real-world channel conditions in a controllable and repeatable fashion while reducing the need for multiple rounds of drive testing. Notably, version 2.4 embarks as the first real-world wireless test solution supporting TD-SCDMA playback with QXDM. Support for enhanced multi-frequency playback with QXDM complements existing support for FDD LTE and TD-LTE and will allow the application to accurately play back scenarios with inter-frequency and iRAT handovers, i.e., handover from 900 MHz to 1800 MHz and between TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE. Other Field-to-Lab release 2.4 features include integrated intelligence to analyze drive logs and provide critical statistics such as the average gap size, reporting parameter-change impacts on playback, and higher data segmentation functionality.

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