Easing the detection and identification of radio-frequency interference (RFI), Agilent Technologies offers the latest configuration of its M9392A as the first dual-channel PXI vector signal analyzer (VSA) delivering high-bandwidth, independently tuned two-channel continuous data capture, a.k.a., streaming capabilities. Features include 250 MHz of analysis bandwidth, 26.5-GHz frequency coverage on two channels, and continuous streaming up to 100 MHz. Both channels reside in an 18-slot, 4U PXIe chassis. The VSA can perform continuous data capture directly to an embedded or external controller for data capture of a few seconds or to a redundant array of independent discs (RAID) for data capture lasting from several minutes to more than six hours. It can employ Agilent Command Expert, a free software application that provides instrument control in many PC environments. The software combines instrument command sets, documentation, syntax checking, and command execution in a single interface. The dual-channel PXI vector signal analyzer is available in a single-channel configuration for $66,235 and a dual-channel configuration for $132,470. The chassis, controller, and 89600 VSA software are additional. For more info, go to www.home.agilent.com/agilent/product.jspx?cc=US&lc=eng&ckey=1882866&nid=-33323.957137.00&id=1882866&pselect=SR.GENERAL or www.agilent.com/find/modular_backgrounder.

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